My name is Sketch, I'm currently 18!
My birthday is on July 15th. B]
I tend to use He/They but I have extra pronouns that I like when people use: Pronouny
The buttons down below can lead you to my other sites, some things I enjoy, and my DNI+BYF.

Want to know all the places you can find me? Well you've come to the right place.
DA: SketchBookWonders
Tumblr: sketchbookwonders
Twitter: SketchBookDraws
Discord: SketchBook#1887
Instagram: sketch.book.draws
Toyhouse: SketchBookWonders
NewGrounds: SketchBookDraws
ArtFight: SketchBook

  • Punk/Metal/Rock and Ska music! (Though I'm not limited to just those genres.)

  • Games such as FNAF, Minecraft, Terraria, Among Us, and a lot more honestly.

  • Some fandoms I'm in include (Other than the videogame ones): JBWKZ, Furbys, DnD, Spy vs Spy, Vulture Culture, general online things, Helluva Boss, The Stanley Parable, and some more!

  • Other things I participate in include FFA, kandi, art(duh), and theatre! (And probably some more I can't remember.

  • (yes i removed the kins i got embarrassed)


  • You are a zoophile.

  • If you're a pedophile/MAP.

  • You are a Nazi. (Duh)

  • Proshipper/Anti-Anti.

  • You participate in or support NFTs.

  • If you're Racist/Republican/Support Trump.

  • LGBTQ+ Phobic.

  • Anti Neopronouns.

  • uhh if I think of something else I'll add it lol

I'm a minor, also if you follow me for art, be slightly disspointed. I post it, just not very often. If under my interests there is something in your DNI just block me or tell me. Its kinda awkward when I see that something I like you super hate. Yet you still interact with me, so like. . . I feel like a fraud/fake when that happens.
Also I'm in central time zone! Missouri! Sorry if I see things late and stuff, either I'm busy or we are in completely different time zones.
Okay that should be all for now.